If you are ever at a loss to support a flagging conversation, introduce the subject of eating!

marinated fried sliced pork with red cabbage that helps you feel definitely less guilty
about the fried crunchy pork!!

fettina di maiale marinata, impanata e fritta con la verza rossa che ti aiuta a togliere il senso di colpa riguardo il “maiale fritto croccante”

"Remember that a very good anchovy is always preferable to a not that good lobster.”

fried anchovies
spicy beetroot cream
glazed fresh onions with almond
small green peppers

alici fritte con pane grattugiato
friggitelli passati in padella
crema di rapa rossa piccante
cipolline fresche glassate con mandorle

Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a life time.

Inside the squid stuffed zucchini blossoms with
buffalow milk mozzarella and marinated anchovies
just sauteed the squid in a pan and reduce with white wine
add salt and pepper
U can eat it with a roman broccoli cream

Get a rice cooker, cook fast and eat healthy!

Salad of steamed minced beef with mint
bitter gourd cooked with ginger
steamed brown rice with turmeric.

Carne al vapore con insalatina di menta
cetrioli amari con zenzero
riso integrale alla curcuma.

Practice safe eating – always use condiments!

cinnamon black pepper crusted cod fish with Sicilian broccoli cream
for the crust -
bread crumbs
cinnamon (powder)
ground black pepper
for the cream-
boil the Sicilian broccoli and when it’s cooked drain it, tip straight into a hot pan with a little bit of olive oil, garlic and salt for a minute (take the garlic out!) and blend it while adding some vegetable broth until it gets creamy!!
Baccalà in crosta di pepenero e cannella  con la crema di broccoli
per la crosta -
cannella in polvere
granuli di pepenero pestato
crema di broccoli -
bollire i broccoli e passare in padella con olio d’oliva, aglio e sale / frullare (togliendo aglio!) allungando leggermente con il brodo vegetale finchè diventa cremoso!

"It’s not a matter of indifference whether we like oysters or clams or shrimp, if only we know how to unravel the existential significance of these foods." Jean-Paul Satre

An irresistible start  -  sautéed clams

and fresh ricotta cheese & herbs stuffed Ravioli in a Seafood bisque cream sauce.

Fresh and a delicate way to say farewell to the holidays!!

Happy 2011 Everybody!!

Sautè di vongole e Ravioli ripieni di ricotta alle erbe mantecato con scampi e bisque.

Un modo fresco e delicato per dire arrivederci alle feste!!

Buon 2011 a Tutti!!

Good food ends with good talk

Time for catering!!

If life throws you a lemon - make a soufflé!

What GORGEOUS food photography! I adore the titles as well.

Thank you very much!! : )

“If you want a subject, look to pork!” Charles dickens

Olive crusted pork fillets on fennel puree



green olives

fresh herbs



salt & pepper





vegetable broth



sweet milk cheese - (pecorino cheese)


Filetto di maiale in crosta di olive con purea di finocchi


olive verdi snocciolati

erbe fresche (rosmarino, prezzemolo, timo)


1 spicchio d’aglio

sale & pepe





brodo vegetale



pecorino dolce

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best” - Oscar Wilde

stuffed rabbit (herbs & bacon) with orange puree

milk soaked bread
Orange Puree
orange juice (always half quantity of the milk)
bay laurel
parmesan cheese

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!

Steamed Egg

1 egg

basil leaves



olive oil

black caviar

whip up the egg white and put half of it in a oiled plastic wrap

put the egg yolk in the middle with salt, pepper and basil leaves

cover up with the rest of the egg white

close the wrap delicately and shape it in to a ball

place it in a cup and steam it for 5/6minutes

you can make a sauce as you wish to eat with *bluberry sauce, soya sauce* etc..etc..

and Have a wonderful Day!!


“A meal is tasteless without a touch of fantasy” - Erasmus

red mullet stuffed with zucchini
sformatino di  triglia con le zucchine aromatiche

Thank you for your version of the Lobster :D

This is an old video of Johnny Kelly